About Us

Welcome to Hand Woven Bracelets, a family run business.  We are Canadians that spend most of our time in lovely Ecuador in South America.  Ecuador is a developing country where approximately 40% of the population live below the poverty line. 

We initially built this store with the goal of fundraising for a charity trip to the Amazon. The trip was through Me to We, a sister organization of Free the Children, which was started with the idea of freeing child slaves. On the trip we helped to build a school, providing clean drinking water, and health clinics and sustainable income projects. Now we continue on with the store to enable fair trade between Ecuadorian artisans and our customers.

We moved to Ecuador to pursue our interests in fair trade and the preservation of the Amazon rainforest, as well as to learn another language.  One of our objectives as a family is to help to develop the economy while being respectful of the rich local culture and traditions. We are especially interested in the growth and development of handmade goods in Ecuador, seeking opportunities to work with local artisans through a fair trade model.  The woven bracelets come in all shapes and colors and we often see indigenous ladies making them while they sit on the bus or in the park.   

We are passionate about supporting the amazing artists that we find around us.  Ecuador is not a tourist haven, and it’s hard for local artists to earn enough money to adequately support their families.  Through Hand Woven Bracelets we hope to bring Ecuadorian crafts to the world, giving support to local artists and helping to preserve their unique techniques for future generations. 

Nik and Family