Blue Seas Hand Woven Bracelet
  • Blue Seas Hand Woven Bracelet
  • Blue Seas Hand Woven Bracelet

Blue Seas Hand Woven Bracelet

Price: $4.99

Let the waves of this hand woven bracelet calm you and move you.  The large zigzag pattern and blue colors will remind you of the waves of the deep blue sea.  Use the bracelet to focus your thoughts on a wonderful place where you feel peaceful and powerful.  Let the colors and pattern weave with your pulse to remind you of your place in this great world.

Some Facts about the Blue Seas Hand Woven Bracelet

  • Made by an artisan in Cotacachi, Ecuador.
  • Good for a man or a woman.  
  • Has a good length (12 inches/30 cm) so it can tie around any size wrist.
  • The bracelet has a woven middle section of 5.5 inches (12.5 cm) that is half an inch (1.25 cm) wide.
  • Colors:  Two shades of blue and black with a zigzag pattern.
  • Made from soft cotton.
  • If your bracelet gets dirty, you can wash it while you bathe and leave it dry on your wrist.  Or hand wash it, and let it air dry.

About the Artisan:  Sarai, a young artisan in Cotacachi, Ecuador, created this bracelet from her own imagination, but she was inspired by the awesome beauty of the coast of Ecuador, where the sun shines and the waves peel gently to the shore.  Sarai works to help her family and to pay for her education.  Hand Woven Bracelets bought this bracelet directly from Sarai for a fair price to help her to build a sustainable income and achieve her goals.  We want to share the artisan creations of Cotacachi with the rest of the world, to help artisans like Sarai reach a world market.

Shipping your New Bracelet:  We ship directly from Ecuador to you.  Once you place your order, we will package it up and send it to you within 2 days using the regular postal system, from there it will take 3 to 5 weeks to reach you.  We offer free shipping on orders over $20, otherwise we charge the same rate as the post office, $2.50. 

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