Funky Woven Bracelet
  • Funky Woven Bracelet
  • Funky Woven Bracelet

Funky Woven Bracelet

Price: $4.99

Who ever thought colorful diamonds could be wild and fun?  Our artisan threw in a few bold colors and a wide design to make you sit up and take notice.   Blue, pink, white, orange and burgundy is a crazy color scheme, but somehow it works and looks fabulous.  If you are bold enough to wear this bracelet, you will be brave enough to pair with wild colors and tell the world who you are.  


  • With the ties, the bracelet is 12 inches (30 cm).  The middle section is 5.5 inches (14 cm) long and half an inch (1.25 cm) wide
  • One size fits all; man or woman.
  • Colors:  Blue, pink, white, orange and burgundy with a diamond pattern.
  • Wear it tied permanently to your wrist with a tight knot, or use a looser knot to take it off and on.  
  • Material: Hand woven with soft bright cotton.
  • Care:  Permanently knotted bracelets can be washed gently in the shower and left to dry on your wrist.  It can also be hand washed.  Don’t put it in the dryer.

A young artisan in Cotacachi, Ecuador, by the name of Sarai, hand knotted this bracelet.  We bought a bunch for sale in Hand Woven Bracelets because we love her style and designs.  But buy them now.  Sarai runs her small business to bring money into her family but also to pay for her education.  She can’t promise many more as she is hoping that her education will lead her into a profession.  We bought this bracelet from Sarai using fair trade methods and hope to bring the excellent work of Sarai and others to the world market.

What’s Next:  We package and mail your order within 2 working days of receiving it.  We send your package directly to you from Ecuador.  You can expect to receive your packing in 3 to 5 weeks after that.  You get free shipping if you order more than $20, so fill up that shopping cart!  Otherwise shipping is $2.50, which is our cost.  

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