Incan Woven Bracelet
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  • Incan Woven Bracelet

Incan Woven Bracelet

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Let this hand woven bracelet remind you to walk in the sunshine and enjoy life!   The sun was the joy, even the god of the ancient Incas, the ancestors of modern day indigenous Ecuadorians.  The Incas used radiating patterns, like the ones in this bracelet, to reflect the radiating power the sun.  They loved bright colors, like orange and blue, but most especially gold, represented by the yellow in the bracelet.

About the Incan Sunshine Woven Bracelet:  

  • Length:  12 inches (30 cm) including ties on each side of the 5 inch (12.5 cm) long woven section in the middle.  The middle section is half an inch (1.25 cm) wide.
  • Good for a guy or a gal, one size fits all.  Tie it to your wrist at the length that feels most comfortable for you.  Tie it tightly for a permanent bracelet or loosely so you can remove it.   
  • Colors:  Yellow, white, blue, orange, with traditional Incan patterns.    
  • Material: Cotton.
  • Care: Gently wash in the shower and leave to dry on your wrist.  Or hand wash.  Don’t use the dryer with this bracelet.

An artisan by the name of Blanca created the design and handmade this bracelet.  Blanca lives and works in Cotacachi, Ecuador.  She is an indigenous descendant of the Incas who ruled Ecuador prior to its conquest by Spaniards.  She creates bracelets and other handmade items to help support her family.  Hand Woven Bracelets purchased this bracelet from Blanca using fair trade methods and we aim to provide a larger, world-wide market for the creations of Blanca and other artisans from Cotacachi.

Shipping notes:  Order now and we will pack up your bracelet as soon as possible, within 2 days at the latest and get it into the mail.  We use the local postal system and mail directly from Ecuador.  From the post office it takes about 3 to 5 weeks to get your package.  Shipping costs $2.50, but we will give you free shipping if you order comes to more than $20.  So stock up!  Get one for all your friends!

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