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Arrow Pattern Woven Bracelet
Shades of yellow, white and green in an arrow pattern are the signature of this macramé bracelet whi..
Blue and Orange Inca Pattern Woven Bracelet
Dazzling blue, orange and yellow will amaze you in the Blue and Orange Inca Pattern Woven Bracelet. ..
Blue and Pink Diamond Friendship Bracelet
Amazing shades of blue and pink in this diamond pattern friendship bracelet will lift your spirits. ..
Blue and Red Diamond Woven Bracelet
You will smile and relax with the soothing and subtle colors in this blue, white, red and pink woven..
Blue Diamonds Friendship Bracelet
Subtle shades of blue in a diamond pattern in this Blue Diamonds Friendship Bracelet will calm your ..
Blue Dream Catcher Bracelet
Capture your dreams with this beautiful blue and white dream catcher woven bracelet which has been h..
Blue Ocean Macrame Bracelet
Beautiful combinations of two shades of blue and pink threads create a macrame bracelet that will re..
Blue Yellow and Black Woven Bracelet
A vibrant zigzag pattern in two shades of blue, yellow and black will make this friendship bracelet ..
Brown and Blue Macrame Bracelet
A bold combination of white, blue and brown threads create a macrame bracelet that will be exciting ..
Brown and White Pattern Bracelet
A soothing combination of white and two shades of brown threads create a macrame bracelet that will ..
Brown and Yellow Diamonds Friendship Bracelet
You will be reinvigorated with the energy in this Brown and Yellow Diamond Friendship Bracelet...
Bubblegum Delicious Macrame Bracelet
Feel the joy and excitement of the beautiful purple and pink colors in this Bubblegum Delicious Macr..
Chevron Friendship Bracelet
A vibrant combination of pink, blue, white and black threads woven in a chevron pattern create a mac..
Cottage Colors Woven Bracelet
Enjoy the relaxing feel of cottage life with this soothing bracelet with green, brown, salmon and wh..
Diamond Macrame Bracelet
Vibrant blue, red and white diamond patterns are woven into this stunning friendship bracelet by an ..
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