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Amazon Anaconda Woven Bracelet
This bracelet is made using bright yellow, green, and black thread woven in to a unique wavy design...
Arrow Pattern Woven Bracelet
Shades of yellow, white and green in an arrow pattern are the signature of this macramé bracelet whi..
Autumn Shades Woven Bracelet
Share in the beauty of autumn with this friendship bracelet featuring bright green, red and yellow t..
Carribean Sunset Friendship Bracelet
Experience the beauty of a sunset in the invigorating colors of the Caribbean Sunset Friendship Brac..
Cherry Blossom Bracelet
Pinks, brown and green will remind you of the color of cherry blossoms in spring and will lift ..
Christmas Joy Dream Catcher Bracelet
The colors of Christmas to enjoy the entire year. This beautiful dream catcher bracelet in green, re..
Colorful Diamonds Woven Bracelet
A vibrant combination of red, green and yellow threads in diamond shapes creates a wonderful string ..
Cottage Colors Woven Bracelet
Enjoy the relaxing feel of cottage life with this soothing bracelet with green, brown, salmon and wh..
Feeling Festive Dream Catcher Bracelet
The vibrant colors in this bracelet will have you feeling festive. This beautiful dream catcher brac..
Feeling Jamaican Friendship Bracelet - 3 Pack
Three distinct patterned braclets in yellow, green, red and black will take you back to the reg..
Funky Fuschia Friendship Bracelet
The colors and striking patterns in the Funky Fuchsia Friendship bracelet will be eye catching. This..
Get Your Green On Friendship Bracelet
It’s time to Go! Go! Go! with this invigorating bracelet with multiple shades of green . This string..
Green and White Dream Catcher Bracelet
Capture your dreams with this vibrant green and white dream catcher woven bracelet which has been ha..
Green and White Split Bracelet
The luck of the Irish will be with you while wearing this string bracelet with two shades of green a..
Green Pastel Woven Bracelet
Enjoy the cheerful feeling that this bracelet with pink and bright green diamonds will bring. This b..
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