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Jamaican Life Friendship Bracelet
A stunning combination of red, black, green and yellow threads woven in a diamond pattern create a m..
Multicolored Diamond Woven Bracelet
This beautiful multicolored diamond woven bracelet in pastel colors will make you feel relaxed and c..
Multicolored Macrame Bracelet
Beautiful combinations of pink, yellow, red, green, white and blue threads create a macrame bracelet..
Pink Pastel Woven Bracelet
Delicate pastel green, red, yellow, white and pink threads are woven in a diamond pattern in this st..
Purple Red and Pink Diamond Friendship Bracelet
Feel the power of friendship with this stunning Purple Red and Pink Diamond Friendship Bra..
Purple Yellow and Red Woven Bracelet
Subtle purple, yellow and red threads are combined in a Purple, Yellow and Red Woven Bracelet will l..
Rainbow Friendship Bracelet
Bright yellow, pink, blue and red threads will help all of your dreams come true with this vibrant a..
Rainbow Promises Friendship Bracelet - 3 Pack
A pack of three beautiful woven braclets in all of the colors of the rainbow. This beautiful fr..
Ready Set Go Friendship Bracelet
The vibrant red, yellow and green colors in the Ready Set Go Friendship Bracelet will get you m..
Red and Black Diamond Woven Bracelet
A stunning combination of red and pink colors will brighten your day.  This friendship bracelet..
Red and Blue and Yellow Woven Bracelet
The stunning yellow, blue and red used in this handmade friendship bracelet will brighten your day.&..
Red and Yellow Macrame Bracelet
A colourful chain patterns in red, orange, yellow and green make this macramé woven bracelet an eye ..
Shades of Red Woven Bracelet
A lively combination of red, pink, yellow, brown and white cotton thread is woven in diamond pattern..
Stop and Go Friendship Bracelet
Green and red diamonds will energize you in this amazing Stop and Go Friendship Bracelet. This beaut..
Summer Fun Dream Catcher Macrame Bracelet
A great assortment of fun summer colors will catch your eye with this dream catcher woven brace..
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