Ocean Sunset Woven Bracelet
  • Ocean Sunset Woven Bracelet
  • Ocean Sunset Woven Bracelet

Ocean Sunset Woven Bracelet

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The mixture of vibrant and mellow colors in this bracelet are reminiscent of a sunset over the ocean. It has a wonderful and unique affect, both calm and exciting at the same time. Wear it with any outfit to add an upbeat twist for either gender.


  • Is woven for five inches, with ties creating a total length of 11 inches. Can be tied to fit nearly all wrists.
  • About half an inch wide, making it neither too thin or too thick.
  • Looks good on either gender.
  • Made using orange, blue, red, and yellow thread woven into a braid-like design.
  • It's made to be tied onto your wrist. You can tie it permanently or temporarily. It also looks good on a wrist full of other similar bracelets!
  • You can wash it by just rubbing it with soap and water, then rinsing and allowing to dry.

Everything on this site is handmade by artisans in the Andes of Ecuador. This particular bracelet was made by Mateo, and artisan with a weekend stand in the markets of Otavalo, Ecuador. We negotiated a price using fair trade methods, and paid him 100 percent up front.


As soon as you place your order, we work hard to get it to you as soon as possible. It'll be packaged and shipped within two days. It's mailed to you directly from Ecuador using the Ecuadorian postage system. The shipping time from Ecuador to your location is approximately 20 to 25 working days. Shipping costs $2.50 world wide, but if your order is $20 or more, it's free!

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