Pink Woven Bracelet
  • Pink Woven Bracelet
  • Pink Woven Bracelet

Pink Woven Bracelet

Price: $4.99

This bracelet uses beautiful pastel colors to create a unique, summery feel. The pink contrasts wonderfully with the orange, and the slightly darker purple adds an extra bit of depth to the design. Wear it in spring or summer to celebrate the weather, or in winter in hope of warmer days ahead!


  • Has a woven pattern for five inches, and the ties create a total length of 12 inches. Can be tied to fit all wrists.
  • The pattern is 0.5 inches long.
  • Makes use of orange, pink, and purple cotton thread.
  • You can tie it to stay on permanently or temporarily.
  • To wash, just lather in soap and water. It dries quickly due to the cotton, so you can wash it on your wrist without discomfort.
  • It looks great on its own or with an arm full of other bracelets. The pastel colors will compliment any outfit or color scheme.

Every bracelet on this sight is bought for a fair price from artisans in northern Ecuador. We discuss pricing using fair trade methods, and pay 100 percent right away. This one is by Mateo, an artisan with a weekend stand in a market in Otavalo, Ecuador. By buying bracelets from Hand Woven Bracelets you can help support Mateo and other artisans like him!

Orders will be shipped within two days of receiving the order, and you can expect to receive them within 3 to 5 weeks. We ship our bracelets directly from Ecuador using the regular postal system.

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