Loving Pink Woven Bracelet
  • Loving Pink Woven Bracelet
  • Loving Pink Woven Bracelet

Loving Pink Woven Bracelet

Price: $4.99

Let your day be bright and exciting with the Loving Pink Woven Bracelet. This beautiful friendship bracelet incorporates a combination of various shades of pink, white and blue in a vibrant pattern. This string bracelet was handmade by Blanca, an artisan living in a village in the Andes Mountains in Ecuador.

The basics about the Loving Pink Woven Bracelet:

  • Handmade in an indigenous village near Cotacachi, Ecuador.
  • Suitable for either sex (a combination of pastel and vibrant colors). 
  • Created long (11 inches/28cm) so it can tie around any size wrist.
  • Wider middle section is 5 inches (12.5 cm) long and 1/2 inch (1.25 cm) wide.
  • Colors: Shades of pink, purple, white and blue with a diamond pattern.   
  • Material: Soft comfortable cotton.
  • Care: Wash gently while you shower and leave to dry on your wrist.  Or you can hand wash it, and let it air dry.

About the Artisan:  This bracelet was woven by Blanca, an indigenous artisan woman in an Indigenous village near Cotacachi, Ecuador.  This cotton bracelet is woven by hand using a tradition that has been passed from one generation to another among the indigenous community in the Andes Mountains in Northern Ecuador.  The patterns that are incorporated into bracelet designs are often based on patterns that were sacred to the ancient Incan people.  Our aim is to bring these wonderful woven bracelets from the local indigenous people to the international market and to support the local people using fair trade methods.

About Shipping:  We will pack and ship your new bracelet within 2 days. Your package will be sent from Ecuador using the Ecuadorian postal system.  Shipping time to you will be approximately 20 to 25 working days.  The cost of shipping is $2.50 for orders under $20, but we will include shipping for orders over $20 of our gorgeous bracelets!

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