Watermelon Groove Woven Bracelet
  • Watermelon Groove Woven Bracelet
  • Watermelon Groove Woven Bracelet

Watermelon Groove Woven Bracelet

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Check out the fabulous design and colors on this bracelet!  It reminds us of something delicious and juicy and fun, like watermelon.  This amazing bracelet was hand woven and knotted by an artisan in Cotacachi, Ecuador.  She chose a vibrant pattern and colors to make the bracelet stand out and be noticed.  With this bracelet you will show off your fun and delicious side.


  • Length:  Including the ties, the bracelet is 11 inches (30 cm).  The woven part in the middle is 6 inches (15 cm) long.
  • Width: The woven section is half an inch (1.25 cm) wide
  • One size fits all
  • Can be worn by a male or female
  • Colors:  Two shades of pink and green pattern and dots in the orange and black blocks of color.
  • Tie the bracelet permanently to your wrist with a tight knot.  Use a loose knot if you want to be able to remove it.  
  • Material: Soft touchable cotton.
  • Care:  If you have a permanent knot, wash it gently in the shower and let dry on your wrist.  Or you can handwash it and let it dry.  

This bracelet would look great with either bright colors, matching those in the bracelet (pink and green) or with more neutral colors.  Perfect for casual wear on the days you are feeling juicy and happy.

Hand Woven Bracelets purchased this bracelet from Blanca, an indigenous small business woman in Cotacachi, Ecuador.  We used fair trade methods such as paying a fair price for her work and paying in advance.  Through Hand Woven Bracelets we hope to bring the work of artisans like Blanca into the international market.  

The Mail:  When we receive your order, we will mail it directly from Ecuador.  We package in 2 working days and the mail takes 3 to 5 weeks from Ecuador to you.  We charge $2.50 for shipping, but you get Free Shipping if you order more than $20 – so please order more, who wants to pay for shipping!

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