String Bracelets

When you enter a craft market in Ecuador, you will notice many indigenous artisans creating and selling a colorful array of handcrafted woven bracelets. The artisans make them using all different colors and weaves, get yourself one of these fabulous bracelets to express your individuality.  All of these bracelets are handmade and purchased using fair trade methods. We ship directly to you from Ecuador and offer free shipping on all orders over $20. 

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Deep Red Dream Catcher Woven Bracelet
The beautiful dark red color in this woven dream catcher bracelet is stunning. The bracelet has..
Diamond Macrame Bracelet
Vibrant blue, red and white diamond patterns are woven into this stunning friendship bracelet by an ..
Down to Earth Friendship Bracelet
You will be reminded of the comforting feeling of soft earth and sand beneath your feet with the Dow..
Earth Weave Bracelet
Show your earthy side with this unique hand woven bracelet.  The colors and basic X design says..
Feeling Festive Dream Catcher Bracelet
The vibrant colors in this bracelet will have you feeling festive. This beautiful dream catcher brac..
Feeling Jamaican Friendship Bracelet - 3 Pack
Three distinct patterned braclets in yellow, green, red and black will take you back to the reg..
Feeling the Blues Macrame Bracelet
You won’t be feeling the blues with this beautiful Feeling the Blues Macrame Bracelet. This string b..
Funky Fuschia Friendship Bracelet
The colors and striking patterns in the Funky Fuchsia Friendship bracelet will be eye catching. This..
Funky Woven Bracelet
Who ever thought colorful diamonds could be wild and fun?  Our artisan threw in a few bold colo..
Get Your Green On Friendship Bracelet
It’s time to Go! Go! Go! with this invigorating bracelet with multiple shades of green . This string..
Green and White Dream Catcher Bracelet
Capture your dreams with this vibrant green and white dream catcher woven bracelet which has been ha..
Green and White Split Bracelet
The luck of the Irish will be with you while wearing this string bracelet with two shades of green a..
Green Pastel Woven Bracelet
Enjoy the cheerful feeling that this bracelet with pink and bright green diamonds will bring. This b..
Inca Colors Friendship Bracelet
This beautiful Inca Colors Friendship Bracelet in a traditional Inca pattern will life your spirits...
Jamaican Flair Woven Bracelet
Experience the fun and flair of Jamaica with this bright yellow, red and green chevron bracelet. Thi..
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