String Bracelets

When you enter a craft market in Ecuador, you will notice many indigenous artisans creating and selling a colorful array of handcrafted woven bracelets. The artisans make them using all different colors and weaves, get yourself one of these fabulous bracelets to express your individuality.  All of these bracelets are handmade and purchased using fair trade methods. We ship directly to you from Ecuador and offer free shipping on all orders over $20. 

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Jamaican Life Friendship Bracelet
A stunning combination of red, black, green and yellow threads woven in a diamond pattern create a m..
Kinship Bracelet
In the indigenous culture of Ecuador, orange is often used to symbolize kinship and friendship, maki..
Loving Pink Woven Bracelet
Let your day be bright and exciting with the Loving Pink Woven Bracelet. This beautiful friendship b..
Moon Shadow Bracelet
This cotton bracelet has a stark contrast of black and white and brings an element of mystery and in..
Multicolored Diamond Woven Bracelet
This beautiful multicolored diamond woven bracelet in pastel colors will make you feel relaxed and c..
Multicolored Macrame Bracelet
Beautiful combinations of pink, yellow, red, green, white and blue threads create a macrame bracelet..
Orange and Blue Split Woven Bracelet
The colors of the sun and the sea will lift your spirits with the handmade cotton friendship bracele..
Orange Dream Catcher Bracelet
May all of your dreams come true with this orange and yellow dream catcher woven bracelet which has ..
Pink and Blue Macrame Bracelet
Wow your friends with a stunning diamond pattern of pink, white, green, blue and black thread in thi..
Pink Diamond Friendship Bracelet
Beautiful shades of pink will brighten your day with this Pink Diamond Friendship Bracelet. This bea..
Pink Pastel Woven Bracelet
Delicate pastel green, red, yellow, white and pink threads are woven in a diamond pattern in this st..
Pink Woven Bracelet
This bracelet uses beautiful pastel colors to create a unique, summery feel. The pink contrasts wond..
Psychadelic Friendship Bracelet
A stunning combination of yellow, orange, purple and blue threads woven in a psychedelic diamond pat..
Purple and Blue Woven Bracelet
Share the excitement and mystery with this wonderful yellow, blue and purple macrame bracelet. This ..
Purple and Green Woven Bracelet
A brilliant combination of colors will wow your friends and make you smile.  This friendship br..
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